ME, Born in Italy 6-1-62 I had the fortune to be cousin of Giusi Pesenti, the men who started archery in Italy in early 50s. He introduce me at TRADITIONAL ACHERY wen I was just 4 years old. Not much around at that time about, but the passion grown.....
MY SHOP, started in 1989 in Italy, exclusively dedicated to TRADITIONAL ARCHERY it has been the first in Europe and still serve thousands of T.A. lovers all over the world
MY BOW, after a life spent to visit bowyer shops around the world and shooting their bows in main international competitions, in 2008 was my time to set up a bow company. In Australia I had the pleasure to meet Graeme Lomas which become my partner to set up the DOWNUNDER BOWS company
MY CHAMPIONSHIP, over big success of the NATIONAL ROVING OF INSTINCTIVE BOWHUNTING invented by Giusy Pesenti in Italy in the far 1958, which I had the honour to organize for some years, I set up a national championship done of more then 20 events around Italy. Sorry the website is only in Italian language
MY PICTURES, some TRADITIONAL ARCHERY pictures token around the world during competition or hunting (no dead animal shown)
MY AUSTRALIA, I fell in love for Australia in the World Championship of 1995. During some visiting I enjoy the peace, clear air, nature and friendship dreamed. I choose Coffs Harbour as preferred place and in 2007 I did a 3 mounts experiment to live there and here is a blog about that successful adventure. Sorry the text is just in Italian language.